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Lobbyists cheer at passage of SB277

Lobbyists cheer like they are at a football game.

Can you see the $$ in their eyes?

Dupes/Whores enabling medical tyranny.

Dr. Paul Offit Naked Emperor Sketch

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Challenges and Investigations of adverse events following vaccination (AEFI)

Dr Jacob Puliyel speaking on Challenges and Investigations of adverse events following vaccination (AEFI)
at National Seminar on New Vaccines for All: Why, Which, When? October 20-21, 2016

The classification for adverse events following vaccination is a
 "perversion of science and militates against common sense"

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Why veterinarians & pet owners don't see eye to eye.

Why veterinarians & pet owners don't see eye to eye. Planet Paws with Rodney Habib

"The best research you can do is talk to people." Terry Pratchet

FACT: Vaccines cause cancer

Why Do People Overvaccinate their Pets?

Why Do People Overvaccinate their Pets?   Dr. Karen Becker

FACT: Vaccines cause cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Is YOUR Baby Getting Too Much Aluminum?

Did you know vaccines contain 50 times the FDA safety limit of aluminum in each round of infant shots? Watch this video to see if YOUR baby is getting too much aluminum.

Science of Vaccine Damage

Science of Vaccine Damage by Catherine O’Driscoll

At around the same time, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Vaccine-Associated
Feline Sarcoma Task Force initiated several studies to find out why 160,000 cats each year in
the USA develop terminal cancer at their vaccine injection sites. 
The fact that cats can get vaccine induced cancer has been acknowledged by veterinary
bodies around the world, and even the British Government acknowledged it through its Working
Group charged with the task of looking into canine and feline vaccines(4) following pressure from
Canine Health Concern. What do you imagine was the advice of the AVMA Task Force, veterinary bodies
and governments? “Carry on vaccinating until we find out why vaccines are killing cats, and which cats
are most likely to die.” In America, in an attempt to mitigate the problem, they’re vaccinating cats in the tail or leg so they can amputate when cancer appears.

But other species are okay - right? Wrong. In August 2003, the Journal of Veterinary Medicine
carried an Italian study which showed that dogs also develop vaccine-induced cancers at their injection
sites. We already know that vaccine-site cancer is a possible sequel to human vaccines, too.

It is also widely acknowledged that vaccines can cause a fast-acting, usually fatal, disease called
autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA). Without treatment, and frequently with treatment, individuals
can die in agony within a matter of days. Merck, itself a multinational vaccine manufacturer, states
in The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy that autoimmune haemolytic anaemia may be caused by
modified live-virus vaccines, as do Tizard’s Veterinary Immunology (4th edition) and the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. (6) The British Government’s Working Group, despite being staffed by vaccine industry consultants who say they are independent, also acknowledged this fact. However, no one warns
the pet owners before their animals are subjected to an unnecessary booster, and very few owners are
told why after their pets die of AIHA.

When the dog owners who took part in the CHC survey reported that their dogs developed short
attention spans, 73.1% of the dogs did so within three months of a vaccine event. The same percentage
of dogs was diagnosed with epilepsy within three months of a shot (but usually within days). We
also found that 72.5% of dogs that were considered by their owners to be nervous and of a worrying
disposition, first exhibited these traits within the three-month post-vaccination period.



Summary of Studies Featured in VACCINES & AUTOIMMUNITY

Summary of Studies Featured in VACCINES & AUTOIMMUNITY Edited by Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin and Lucija Tomljenovic

This eBook contains the conclusions of studies by leading researchers from 14 countries on the role of adjuvants in vaccines and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals.

Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for Vaccine Policy

 Arumugham V (2015) Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for Vaccine Policy. J Develop Drugs 4:137. doi:10.4172/2329-6631.1000137

Nobel Laureate Charles Richet demonstrated over a hundred years ago that injecting a protein into animals or humans causes immune system sensitization to that protein. Subsequent exposure to the protein can result in allergic reactions or anaphylaxis. This fact has since been demonstrated over and over again in humans and animal models. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) confirmed that food proteins in vaccines cause food allergy, in its 2011 report on vaccine adverse events. The IOM’s confirmation is the latest and most authoritative since Dr. Richet’s discovery. Many vaccines and injections contain food proteins. Many studies since 1940 have demonstrated that food proteins in vaccines cause sensitization in humans. Allergens in vaccines are not fully disclosed. No safe dosage level for injected allergens has been established. As a result, allergen quantities in vaccines and injections are not regulated. Allergen quantities in vaccine excipients are also not regulated. It has been demonstrated that a smaller quantity of allergen is needed to cause sensitization than elicitation. It is well recognized that many currently approved vaccines have enough allergen to cause anaphylaxis. Therefore, they contain more than enough allergen to cause sensitization. Children today have fewer childhood infectious diseases. They have less exposure to helminths. C-section birth rates have increased in the last few decades by 50%. C-section births are known to result in sub-optimal gut microbiome in the newborn. All the above result in an immune imbalance biased towards atopy. Vaccine schedules today include 30-40 shots. Up to five shots may be simultaneously administered in one sitting. Vaccines contain adjuvants such as pertussis toxins and aluminum compounds that also bias towards allergy. Adjuvants also increase the immunogenicity of injected food proteins. This combination of atopic children and food protein injection along with adjuvants, contributes to millions developing life threatening food allergies. Given the scale and severity of the food allergy epidemic, urgent action is needed to change vaccine policy concerning vaccine specifications, manufacture, vaccine package insert documentation requirements, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program. Many researchers have called for the removal of food proteins from vaccines and re-evaluation of adjuvants such as aluminum compounds. In the interim, food allergy warnings can be included in vaccine package inserts. Simultaneous administration of multiple vaccines can be stopped to avoid the combined negative effects of multiple food proteins and adjuvants.

Allergens in Vaccines Are Causing Life-Threatening Food Allergies

Allergens in Vaccines Are Causing Life-Threatening Food Allergies
BY CLAIRE DWOSKIN ON OCT 30, 2015 3:11:00 PM

The question that few are asking is why life-threatening food allergies have become so alarmingly pervasive. A 2015 open access case report by Vinu Arumugham in the Journal of Developing Drugs, entitled “Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for Vaccine Policy,” persuasively argues that allergens in vaccines—and specifically food proteins—may be the elephant in the room.

As Arumugham points out, scientists have known for over 100 years that injecting proteins into humans or animals causes immune system sensitization to those proteins. And, since the 1940s, researchers have confirmed that food proteins in vaccines can induce allergy in vaccine recipients. Arumugham is not the first to bring the vaccine-allergy link to the public’s attention. Heather Fraser makes a powerful case for the role of vaccines in precipitating peanut allergies in her 2011 book, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: What’s Causing It and How to Stop It. In that fascinating book, Fraser notes that mass allergic phenomena (called “serum sickness” at the time) first emerged at the close of the nineteenth century in tandem with mass vaccination.

Synergy with aluminum-based adjuvants
A more subtle and troubling point is that the aluminum adjuvants contained in many vaccines augment the food proteins’ immunogenicity (a substance’s ability to provoke an immune response). When numerous food proteins and adjuvants get injected in one sitting, as is the case when multiple shots are administered simultaneously, the probability of sensitization greatly increases.

The most obvious response—one that would likely alleviate much suffering—is to remove food proteins and aluminum compounds from vaccines as soon as possible. To decrease the odds of allergic sensitization, it also makes sense to adopt the precaution of decelerating the vaccine schedule and administering one vaccine at a time. In the interim, the link between vaccines and food allergies needs to be openly discussed so that the public can be more fully informed about vaccine risks.

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Children's Medical Safety Research Institute 4th International Symposium on Vaccines at 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity

Conclusive research linking vaccines and autoimmune diseases

“On April 6th in Leipsig, Germany, we (CMSRI) will be sponsoring our 4th International Symposium on Vaccines at the 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity, where experts from around the globe will be discussing new research that conclusively links vaccines to autoimmune diseases in prone individuals. By all accounts, this is an historic step towards unlocking the causes behind today’s epidemic of autoimmune illnesses like MS, Parkinsons, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism.”

"Dr. Christopher Exley will be hosting the day-long symposium which, in the past, has proven to be exciting from a medical research break-through perspective, but also highly alarming from a public health perspective. Leading physicians and medical researchers from universities, hospitals and independent labs worldwide will be examining the findings of recent studies on"
Aluminum-induced macrophagic myofascitis
Aluminum and long-term neurotoxicity in mouse studies
Cellular uptake of aluminum adjuvants
Ovine ASIA syndrome
Molecular mechanisms in vaccine-induced autoimmunity
Primary ovarian failure & chronic fatigue syndrome related to HPV vaccine

“We are thrilled to facilitate this symposium and will be distributing complimentary copies of the medical textbook, Vaccines & Autoimmunity edited by Yehuda Schoenfeld, Lucija Tomiljenovic, and Nancy Agmon-Levin, to all attendees. Dr. Schoenfeld is the driving force behind the 10th International Congress of Autoimmunity, which is expected to draw over 4,000 attendees this year. More than 10-20% of the population suffer from 1 out of the 80 autoimmune diseases, all of which are the subject of research that will be presented and debated throughout the multi-day conference.”

Video presentations from the 4th International Symposium on Vaccines and Autoimmunity on the CMSRI YouTube Channel


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Vaccines and Autoimmunity

"In light of the discovery of Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, Vaccines and Autoimmunityexplores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminum in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals.
Vaccines and Autoimmunity is divided into three sections; the first contextualizes the role of adjuvants in the framework of autoimmunity, covering the mechanism of action of adjuvants, experimental models of adjuvant induced autoimmune diseases, infections as adjuvants, the Gulf War Syndrome, sick-building syndrome (SBS), safe vaccines, toll-like receptors, TLRS in vaccines, pesticides as adjuvants, oil as adjuvant, mercury, aluminum and autoimmunity. The following section reviews literature on vaccines that have induced autoimmune conditions such as MMR and HBV, among others. The final section covers diseases in which vaccines were known to be the solicitor – for instance, systemic lupus erythematosus – and whether it can be induced by vaccines for MMR, HBV, HCV, and others.
Edited by leaders in the field, Vaccines and Autoimmunity is an invaluable resource for advanced students and researchers working in pathogenic and epidemiological studies."

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Dr. Suzanne Humphries Trojan Horses and Cluster Bombs


"Welcome everyone. Thank you for coming out on this miserable evening. I was just saying to somebody else, at least we don't have to worry that people are enjoying the good weather as a reason that they are not here. If I say something, a word that you do not understand, just raise your hand and somebody will give you the word, or I will describe it more completely because this is the first year with no translator. I will talk as slow as possible. I generally talk very very fast. So if I start talking too fast, someone raise their hand, say slow down. This evening I decided to pick a topic, I picked two topics in Finland, one topic I have already covered on herd immunity, and I did that last week. The next topic I'm covering tonight is aluminium. I picked these topics because herd immunity is often brought up as the reason why we all must vaccinate, why our healthy children who would be perfectly fine getting chicken pox or measles or mumps, must vaccinate. So we took that myth apart last week and this week I am talking about aluminium because I believe that it is one of the most harmful substances in the vaccines and I believe that there is such limited proof of safety for this substance that it's very easy to win an argument about aluminium in vaccines. Most vaccines have aluminium but not all of them. The vaccines that are made with live viruses do not have aluminium. It's the dead ones, the killed vaccines, the toxoid vaccines. I call it Trojan Horses and Cluster Bombs because as you will see as the talk moves on the aluminium gets into the brain inside of cells called macrophages just like the Trojan Horse moved past the border so this aluminium is like the people and the Trojan Horse is the cell that gets into the brain. Cluster Bombs are basically you know when you toss bombs and they disrupt certain areas but maybe don't disrupt everything. So there's many areas of problems with aluminium."

"It's put into the vaccines because by nature babies are programmed to be anti inflammatory. Newborn babies, the mother's milk and the placenta and everything the mother gives the baby is registering that baby to be not inflammatory. It's set to be that way by nature. As adults we are programmed to not over react to stimulation so we don't develop autoimmune diseases. So in order to make these dead vaccines work and cause fire, basically a flame of inflammation in our systems they need this aluminium, called an adjuvant or helper, so that is why it is put in so many of the vaccines. If we were to give, they did this actually during World War II, in the beginning they used to give tetanus vaccine with no aluminium and did not work very well at all, so they said ok we have to adjuvant to make this vaccine work. And it's especially important because little babies immune systems are not supposed to be highly reactive so this adjuvant and this vaccine basically violates the natural programming of baby's immune system."

"Sometimes aluminium comes in different forms in the vaccines, we will see aluminium hydroxide, aluminium phosphate and those kinds are, the aluminium and the antigen, say the tetanus toxoid, or the pertussis, that is the disease part, is called antigen, so antigen and aluminium have to stay together at least in the injection and then can come apart. And so with phosphate and hydroxide it's almost like a magnet, they call it an electrostatic bond but some aluminium like in these HPV vaccines, and so these HPV vaccines, looks like beautiful clear pure water, right, but if you look at it under the microscope this is what it looks like and so what we have here are these virus like particles for HPV vaccine and all this is aluminum, special kind of aluminium that is used in these HPV vaccines that is not electrostatic, it is chemical bond, it's very strong connection of these aluminium to these virus like particles. It makes this vaccine very different than the other vaccines."

"I made this slide to show you the difference. So these are the live vaccines that do not have aluminium because live viruses basically give you a miniature case of the disease. So these vaccines give you a small case of the disease that you are trying to prevent. That's how they work, and this is very well known that measles is basically a tamed virus that goes into the body and causes a small case of measles which is why you get fever and sometimes rash. These of themselves because they are so similar to the disease do not need aluminium but these vaccines over here for diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, himophilus influenza B, polio, hepatitis B, meningitis, pneumonia, and HPV, these vaccines are not live. They're dead vaccines so they require this aluminium. And because of this, I will describe this later in a minute, TH1 and TH2. This is mostly where your T cells are involved called cell mediated immunity, and this primarily is your B cells or antibody immunity. And so this is what happens, the difference, over here you have more of a slant bias of TH1 cell mediated and here more bias towards antibody immunity."

"Before we discuss these vaccines I just want to give you a little course on immunology. And the reason I think this is important is because in order to understand disease and to understand health and what your body is capable of doing on it's own you have to understand these layers of the immune system and how they work. You have immunity that you are born with. Does not require any vaccine or any medicine. It's already there when you are born. It's called innate immunity. You know how you have, you'd say probiotics in the intestines, and you have bacteria on the skin and in the throat and this is all good. You can not escape it. We all are coated, have bacteria all over us and inside us. That is called commensal bacteria, good bacteria that actually protects you from invasion by other kinds of microbes. That's why it's very important to have good bacteria and probiotics because they compete with the bad bacteria that might try to come in. So if you have salmonella for instance, if you have healthy bacteria in the gut you don't get sick with salmonella but if you have bad bacteria predominantly in the bowel, you will get very sick with salmonella. That's the innate immunity that is there right away and has to do with certain chemicals on the skin and in the blood and this works immediately. So you can have invasions begin and you can be done, and stop right here, and you get better, or it can keep going, say this layer was not good enough. This first line of defense was not good enough, you go to the second, it's a later innate response which can take four to ninety six hours and this requires cells in the body that can come to the surface of where you're having invasion and have a battle and then you can either win the battle and be done or you move to the next step. If you move to the next step this is where the lymph nodes get involved and the spleen and the organs, the lymphatic organs get involved. This is where you start to generate a bigger battle that results in long term memory immunity. You can do this without any vaccine. If you have a case of measles all three of these layers will be working at the same time. And the better these layers work the easier it will be when we get down to here, but if these layers are not working well measles can be very severe. If you have all of these layers healthy because you have good nutrition and good vitamins then you handle the disease you get better and you have long term immunity. If you are missing this good nutrition or if you are not getting enough sleep, or if you did not get breastmilk, things like this can be disadvantage. Or you can take a vaccine and the vaccines that are injected basically start right around here, they bypass this natural layer of protection, they bypass the beginning of the second layer and move right into here, and you can develop some form of immunity which is very different than natural immunity. But both ways when you're all done you have the capacity to have this TH1 and this TH2. If you are a healthy person you will generate mostly TH1 and little bit of TH2 with most infections that go down to here. But with vaccines, if you have live viral vaccines you will generate mostly TH1 if you're healthy but if you're not healthy, or if you have a baby on formula, you can give them a measles vaccine and they will not do the same. The breastfed baby will do this and the formula fed baby will do this. So everything matters in terms of responding to vaccines and responding to disease. These vaccines that I showed you just now, these killed vaccines with aluminium do this part, which can give you some protection but can also put you at a disadvantage later when you need to fight infection. But that is not what today is about. Today I want to talk about what we call this skew or slant or bias in immunity towards this TH2 and why maybe that's not such a good thing compared to having an infection."

"Let me just show you this study that they did in Africa, but Africa is starting to use the same vaccines that we are using. So this is very relevant. What they did, is they looked at the difference between these live vaccines, and some children got injections, multiple injections, but only live vaccines, and some of the children got live plus killed vaccines and then they looked long term at how long they lived afterwards and what they found was actually very surprising. They found that the death rate was much higher in those babies that had live plus killed vaccines than it was in the babies that had all live vaccines. Why is that? Well the aluminium is definitely part of it but its also because the killed vaccines program the immune system in a way that makes you less able to fight disease later. This is a problem in Africa and nobody talks about it. Well these doctors realized that what we call the mortality rate or difference in death rate was up to 7.73 times higher when they got over six months and 4.85 over twelve months in those babies that had live plus killed vaccines."

"And they said afterwards that they could reduce this mortality rate if they didn't give these killed vaccines with these live vaccines. They were very unhappy because they said that the period of time that these babies lived in the zone where they had these killed vaccines in the system was translated into 64% higher mortality. It's a very big deal, but nobody's talking about it. Some doctors are talking about it but they're being ignored by the World Health Organization."

"What happens in western countries? What happens in Scandinavia? They only recently started to look at this. These called nonspecific effects of vaccination. Nonspecific effects of vaccinations means anything that is not the effect that you have designed the vaccine for. The specific effect for measles vaccine is to stop you from getting measles. Nonspecific effect is anything good or bad that happens besides that. A rash is a nonspecific effect, a higher death rate is a nonspecific effect, a lower death rate is a nonspecific effect and this can also happen with some of the live viral vaccines. What we know is that this killed vaccine this DTaP is a problem even in our countries, not just in Africa. We know that Hepatitis B vaccine is also a problem in our countries and I'll be talking about that."

"But there's a Danish study from 2015 and what they did is they wanted to see the difference when they give this vaccine, which is your two to three month vaccine in babies, then it's given again five months and it depends what country five or six months and then twelve months, and then normally you get the MMR, measles mumps rubella later. So they looked at the difference and they got 168,000 children and they wanted to see the rate of a virus called RSV respiratory syncytial virus. So if this was your last vaccine did you have a higher rate of getting this RSV , or if this was your last vaccine did you have a higher chance of having RSV, meaning was this good for the immune system, was this good for the immune system, or were they both bad, let's just ask the question."

"They measure it by how much RSV happens after each of these vaccines. Of course they don't use unvaccinated controls, we don't talk about unvaccinated children, in my opinion, because they would throw off all of the results, they would make all of the vaccines look worse, so we exclude unvaccinated children. They wanted to see hospital admissions for RSV and the question they asked was does the type of vaccine affect RSV hospital admission in Denmark. This will become very clear in a moment. And the answer is yes that is did. "

"They found that If this vaccine was your last vaccine that during that period of time those babies had increased hospital admission for RSV. If MMR was the last vaccine you had reduced hospital admission because live viruses natural and live virus vaccines promote TH1 which helps you fight infection but dead vaccines promote TH2 which makes you less able to fight infection normally. This is a very well known fact in medical literature. So basically this effect continued for three years. So this vaccine put these babies at a disadvantage to fighting RSV."

"They have the conclusion, so you have to wonder what's going on here? What are they really trying to say? Well they come right out and say it that if they can confirm this phenomenon in other studies, that they can now find a reason to get all of you people who are not giving MMR vaccine to give MMR vaccine and to give it maybe even earlier than twelve to fifteen months. Notice the solution is not to look at the killed vaccine and the problem that that is causing, the solution is to throw in live vaccine and put it in earlier and more often. This is how we do it in vaccinology we always look at how we can add more vaccines to solve a problem. We don't look at what the vaccines that are causing problems are doing with the intention of stopping them. Once we start a vaccine in general with the exception of smallpox we don't stop it. They're thinking of ways maybe to bring smallpox back and trying to tell us today that smallpox has an advantage on the immune system in fighting certain diseases. I don't have time to get into that today."

"Is aluminium safe? There is a study that was done in 2004 and was published in a very highly reputable medical journal called Lancet. It was called a systematic review with meta analysis meaning they took many studies that used aluminium vaccines to see what the effects were and so they looked for the DTP alone or in combination either with aluminium or without aluminium and they did this big elaborate analysis and it was done by this Cochrane collaborative database which is independent review board, world respected independent review by Dr. Thomas Jefferson."

"The conclusion of the study was that despite a lack of good quality evidence we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken. You might be doing this, like I was. We have to ask why would they have said that? If we don't have conclusive evidence, if we don't have good quality evidence, how can we say we shouldn't do anymore research? They're basically saying carry on and don't go there."

"Well in the study they talk about the reason, they have nothing to replace aluminium with. So if we were to stop giving aluminium, first of all you would all start questioning the entire vaccine program and we can not have that. But second of all immunization programs worldwide would fall apart because we would not be using this ingredient that they need to have in more than half of the vaccines. So they said don't go there. They're not considering the health of the individual, they are considering what they call disease reduction, at least specific disease reduction. In my opinion it has been disease elevation in many populations as a result of these vaccines, but they're different diseases."

"American authorities put their thoughts about this on paper back in 1984. This was called Federal Register that came from the Department of Health and Human Services from the United States Government. This circulation came around because a lot of people were unhappy about the polio vaccines that were causing big problems in babies and children. And so they said that any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, meaning whether they're correct or not, about the safety of vaccine cannot be allowed to exist, in the view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent, consistent with the nation's public health objectives. So they're basically telling doctors back in 1984 that even if there is a good reason to question or criticize the vaccine, we must not do it. However what I find interesting is that when a scientific journal or a scientist devises a new plan, that they are allowed to say something bad about the old vaccine. For instance Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Sabin both said bad things about each other's vaccines because they wanted their vaccine to be taken by the public. Today we have very prominent vaccine doctors talking about injected influenza vaccines saying we have problems because now they want to introduce new vaccines."

"This study where they concluded there is an immediate need for safe and effective adjuvants, basically saying aluminium is not safe, it is effective, but it is not safe. The reason they said this is because they had different adjuvant they wanted to introduce into the vaccines, an immunoglobulin, called IGM but I have not yet seen this on the market and this was 2011."

"It's important for doctors to know what is and what is not known about aluminium. It's been used in food and in vaccines for a very long time, since the 1930's. But even in 2013 doctors are saying there's still not enough information about the manner of their actions. We know a lot about aluminium but there's still a whole lot we actually don't know, yet we continue giving it, and we continue adding more and more of it to the childhood vaccination programs whenever they think they need to. The mainstream will have you all thinking that the safety science is all settled and that everything is well tested because aluminium is in all these vaccines you see right here, and it couldn't be in there if it wasn't safe right? They couldn't have used it for so long if it wasn't safe. So to them just the fact that it's been used for so long makes it safe. We don't need safety studies. We don't need to look at people who get a saline injection versus people who get aluminium. Because it's been done for so long, it's ok. Because it's been in your bread for so long, it's ok to inject it, and because it's been in some injections for so long it's ok to give it in more and more injections every year. This is the logic."

When you look at the Finnish vaccination schedule, your babies get injected with far less aluminium than our babies in USA, but that's changing. It seems that all countries are eventually going to catch up with United States. But right now you don't give your babies aluminium at birth and we do. And you give your babies far fewer vaccines than we do, but that is also changing. But as of now, today, on your recommended schedule, the first injection comes at three months and everybody gets this one hundred and twenty five micrograms. Then you get one of these two other vaccines, which has either three hundred thirty or five hundred, and then same at five months, and then twelve months. Then at four years they get another dose. Five hundred versus three hundred thirty. I just want to point out that I believe there is some discrepancy, non-uniformity, in how the labels are on the vaccines. and that sometimes they tell you the elemental aluminium level, and sometimes they tell you the salt level. See, aluminium on the periodic table is an element, right? But you can't have it by itself. It's not like helium, where it can just be alone. Aluminium has to be partnered with negative charge. That's the salt. That's what we call the salt. If you look at this, this is an enormous amount. Usually the salt is reported. But sometimes they report elemental just because they don't want you to know that five hundred micrograms, fifteen hundred micrograms, it's not all aluminium. But over on these other ones, this is all the salt levels. If they get Hepatitis B vaccine, the three vaccines together will give you seven hundred fifty micrograms more. And then there's some discussion about bringing, remember I just talked about RSV, there's discussion about highly adjuvanted RSV vaccine possible coming to Scandinavia, but that study is still in progress. This is essentially what's happening to your babies now."

"If we compare the USA schedule with Finland's schedule this is about what it looks like by age six years. So our babies get enormous amount of aluminium beginning on first day of life and then over and over and over. So by eighteen months they have had this dose, four thousand nine hundred twenty five micrograms and then at age six they get another dose and then in Finland your babies depending on the vaccine, I'm very conservative, I'm probably underestimating how much your babies get because I don't ever want to be accused of having too much drama. Three thousand one hundred twenty five micrograms if you give the hepatitis b vaccine and only count that elemental aluminium and not the salt, it would be far higher if you counted the salt and the minimum dose would be here. So you're getting probably one half to two thirds of what American babies are getting."

"If you question this to your doctor, they'll tell you that you shouldn't worry about it, that there's really no problem, and this is just one example, of the University of Oxford, very prestigious place that Europe will look to for answers, and they say here, that the amount in the vaccines is extremely small and that after vaccination there's a temporary increase in the amount of aluminium but then it doesn't stay in the body, they say it gets rid of most of the aluminium in just a few days. Well if that were true, none of us would have to worry, but it turns out, that is completely untrue and I will show you in a moment. And they say that small amounts accumulate naturally in childrens' bodies. Well that's true, probably if you live next to a uranium plant, small amounts of uranium would accumulate too, but it would not be healthy, even if it's natural. They say that this makes it ok. They're basically telling you a lie, and it is, it's a bold faced lie, that it comes out in just a few days, and they're telling you that it's just a little bit"

"The USA says the same thing, our government comes out and they say aluminium in vaccines poses extremely low risk to infants and these two doctors have put out some of the most famous reports that I will go over later."

"But even worse in America we have this doctor, named Dr. Paul Offit who most doctors, brainwashed doctors will look to him for the answers. He is the figurehead person that they go to. You might have this same guy in Scandinavia under a different name. So this guy his website says that aluminium is considered to be an essential metal, essential means that you can't live without it, so we can strike that down, with quantities fluctuating naturally during normal cellular activity. Wrong. It is found in all tissues and is also believed, get this, it plays an important role in the development of a healthy fetus. Did you know that? Because he apparently discovered this because all of the aluminium biology scientists say that there is no known biological benefit for aluminium in the body. So this man, having a fantasy, that he puts on his website, and he is trying to make people stop worrying about this aluminium and he bases this fantasy on some statements that come from some studies. And I'll just summarize a couple of them."

"He says that, because during a pregnancy, the amount of aluminium in a mother's blood goes up, so that must make it good. But the real reason it goes up in the mother's blood is because the baby needs minerals. So where does the mother get the minerals, her bones. So if she's had aluminium or lead in her bones, the levels will go up in her blood, and they will be passed to the baby. But that doesn't mean that it's good. That's not a state of health. He also says that the blood of premature infants has more aluminium in it than full term infants so it must be good. Prematurity is not a state of health, so we cannot measure anything that happens in a premature baby as reflective of a state of health. He also says that the breastmilk of mothers of premature infants has more aluminium than that of mothers who carry their babies to term, so that must mean that it has a good health benefit. If I seem upset, it's because I am. I find it hard to take anything this man says seriously when I read things like this, but he is the spokesperson for vaccines in America. He has invented his own vaccine and has become a multi-millionaire as a result of it. And he sat on the committee that tells doctors which vaccines they need to give. This is called conflict of interest and it's very bad."

"You'll be told over and over that there's far less aluminium in vaccines than there is in infant formula and in breastmilk, and they will give you the amounts in breastmilk and infant formula and I'll give you those in a little while, but the problem is that, there are several problems. First off is that you're getting different doses all at one time so while you are getting some aluminium in breastmilk and formula, you're getting a little bit every day. When you get a vaccine, you're getting a huge dose, through the skin, into the muscle, all at once. So we cannot compare injection, with eating and drinking, or ingestion. So the real question is how much can a baby safely handle at one time from any route?"

"When aluminium is injected what happens? They say that is leaves the body really rapidly, remember? Oxford said leaves the body really rapidly. But it doesn't. We have several studies that prove that it doesn't leave the body rapidly. I'm going to go through these studies. You can take as many pictures as you want, but know that I'm going to be much more descriptive. We have a rabbit study that showed that most of the aluminium still stays in the body after twenty eight days. We have a baby study that shows, none of it came out, and we have another study that they used to show you that it's perfectly fine to inject, only problem is that they used healthy adults, and they gave them the most minuscule dose. They gave them a minuscule dose, a very very tiny dose, far lower than they give babies. And they gave it intravenously which is completely different to when you put it into the muscle and I'll tell you why in a minute. So this is what they rest on, this last study, when they tell you it's fine. And I'm telling you that these studies show you that it does not leave the body rapidly at all."

"So let's see what happens in rabbits. We have this one study where they put in a pretty big dose of aluminium into the rabbit, into the muscle, and then they looked to see how much of it appeared in the blood and how much of it appeared in the urine. Then they killed the rabbits twenty eight days later. They looked to see how much of it was deposited in different organs in the body. If they get rid of it really quickly, we should see a lot of it in the urine right?"

"It turns out that most of it ninety four percent was retained of the aluminium hydroxide, because only five point six percent came out in the urine over twenty eight days. It's all stayed in the body. Here seventy eight percent was retained because only twenty two percent of aluminium phosphate came out in the urine over twenty eight days. So we know already that Oxford University is lying because we have animal studies that show that it does not come out, is not rapidly excreted in a matter of just a few days."

"So where did it go? Well when they killed the rabbits, they found that it went to all of these organs. Very high concentrations in the kidneys, and then lower, a little bit less in the spleen, liver, heart, lymph nodes, and brain. Now brain might have had the smallest amount of all but the brain is a very sensitive organ, so you don't need much aluminium to cause big problems in the brain. This is where the aluminium goes immediately after twenty eight days but over long term we know that it also goes into bones, which is why when a mother is having a baby, making a baby, that she's dissolving her bones to give minerals that she's also going to give that aluminium. It's another reason why mothers really should be eating high mineral diets when they're making in utero baby because then they will need less of their own minerals. And they'll have less of this bone. So it's very important for mothers to have good nutrition, high minerals when they're having gestation."

"This is a really interesting study from USA, and this doctor decided to see what happened to the aluminium in a two month old baby after the regular vaccines were given. At three months these babies get a series of vaccines which have a total of twelve hundred micrograms of aluminium. So they gave this regular dose, and then they measured the amount of aluminium that came out of their body over twelve hours. If it is rapidly excreted we should see it in the urine and we should also see blood levels rise. But what they found was that, quote, "there was no significant change in levels of urinary or serum aluminum, blood aluminum, after vaccination." This was a very strange conclusion, and I had to read the study several times before I could comprehend why it was even published. But they also said they were reassured to find that there was no significant post vaccine rise in the blood aluminium after the vaccination. I thought, why were they reassured? We want to see that it rises in blood and that it comes out in kidney, because that's how it happens, you have to have it in the blood, before it can get into the kidney, but they said oh, we're reassured, we didn't see anything go up."

"So I wrote to this author myself and I said well where do you think this might have gone? What do you think happened? And she said this to me in an email, "We really don't know what happens to the aluminium at this point in time. As you said more research is needed in this area." So one the one hand she was reassured, and on the other hand she has no idea where it went." I wrote back to her again asking her several other questions and pointing out to her how newborn babies kidneys deal with this problem, because I'm a kidney doctor, and I did not hear back from her. She probably Googled my name"

"We're also told that aluminium is harmless because any aluminium that doesn't go into the blood and dissolve stays right at the injection site. So first of all, that is completely untrue, so if anybody ever says this to you, know that the way the aluminium and the antigen are together when you inject it comes right apart after it is injected. They have proved this time and again in many different studies. What happens after you inject this aluminium is there's these cells called macrophages that are part of the immune system, and they come in and they eat this aluminium. They also eat the antigen. This is how they want it to happen. Vaccine designers want this to happen, because what happens is the aluminium stirs up, calls in all of these cells to come in and become immune to this antigen and bring it off to lymph nodes, and communicate with the rest of the body to make immunity. So they want this to happen. It's not a mistake. These macrophages come in after the injection eat the aluminium and then this is where the Trojan Horse comes in because we know that there is a natural phenomenon that these macrophages can carry whatever they eat into the brain, past the blood brain barrier."

"How do we know that? Because we have this study done in 2012 which proved it. This would be called a proof of principle experiment, meaning they wanted to show, that if they loaded these macrophages, in this particular experiment they loaded them with I think it was gold, silica gold, and then they injected them into the tail of a mouse, and then they watched where it went, and they found it in the brain. They said this is great because now we can pack these macrophages with anti cancer drugs to treat brain tumors. So they are taking advantage of this natural phenomenon in order to treat cancers. I'm telling you that it's proven because they're using it therapeutically, but it also happens with aluminium, and there's nothing therapeutic about bringing aluminium into the brain ever."

"There is this doctor that did an experiment with mice proving that aluminium goes from the muscle to the brain. It's already been shown very recently"

"Every pathway from injection to traversing into the brain has been shown scientifically at this point in time. They know that when they put a radioactive substance onto aluminium, so they can track it, it's only just so they can track it, they find that it quickly goes into these macrophages, and then it goes into the lymph nodes, and then it goes into the blood, and then it goes into the organs, including the brain. There is a transporter called CCL2 that brings this aluminium into the brain."

"These doctors, this is a very important paper that I'm putting here for you, because they are basically saying that we should not over immunize, whatever that means, and that if there is ever any sort of alteration in the blood brain barrier this aluminium can be extremely problematic"

"There are many things that alter the blood brain barrier. You know when premature babies do not have a -- Blood brain barrier, let me explain to you, is capillary cells, pretty much, that line the brain, they do provide some sort of a wall, from you know large molecules and some toxic things, from some cells getting in, but there are ways to get around that, one of the ways is to open up the blood brain barrier. So there are many known commonly prescribed, and common infections that can open this blood brain barrier. Methamphetamine which many people in the world are addicted to opens the blood brain barrier. This is something that is released during infection, complement, can open the blood brain barrier, radiation that's given therapeutically for cancers, or being out in the sun for a very long time, can open the blood brain barrier, problems with mitochondria which are extremely common, infections, formula, formula, infant formula. Because what happens with infant formula is that not only are you not getting all the good nutrients from the mother, but you're also changing the intestinal contents, basically making more ecoli, the bad bacteria populate, than the good bacteria, the probiotics. So it's not just premature birth, lots of things can open that blood brain barrier and then these vaccines that are given all throughout life, that aluminium can get into the brain. You can now understand why this is a very easy argument to win, when it comes to aluminium"

"There's enough evidence to show that vaccine aluminium gets into the brain even when we're told that it doesn't. They've actually photographed these particles in the brain after they inject them into the muscle"

"Here's a photograph from the same article Khan I've been showing you, and so this here is a particle of aluminium in the brain and then they showed by doing this fancy analysis, that even at one year they're still finding high levels of aluminium in the brain so they've not only taken pictures, they've measured it and they've shown how it travels from the muscle to the brain. This is the title of the article. I believe this is free. All of these PMID numbers, you can go to from United States and you can put these numbers in and you can get the article. You might not get the whole article but with this one I believe you do get the full article. Some of them you just get the beginning introduction. This is very useful"

"Aluminium doesn't just come into macrophages, but we also have found it in T cells, the major cells that fight disease in your body. So what we can see here from this doctor. Dr. Mold in 2014 when he put these T cells in a dish with aluminium, he found that they -- this is without the aluminium, then he added the low dose aluminium, and the high dose aluminium and these arrows, these bright spots are aluminium, the blue is the nucleus of the cell, showing you that it's a T cell. So these dots, these very bright dots, are showing you from this study that T cells also take up aluminium."

"But the people, what we call the vaccine stakeholders, people that want to defend vaccines, at any rate, will keep telling you about two studies. I already talked about these a little bit, from 2002 and 2011, and we'll keep getting patted on the head, and told that these studies have shown how when you eat aluminium you're getting so much more than when you inject it so injecting it is no big deal. So we're going to look at these studies in a minute but we can see Oxford is quoting them, the United States FDA is quoting them, Dr. Paul Offit is quoting these same two studies so this is the foundation for their defense. We are about to destroy this foundation."

"But before we do, we have to look at what happens after you eat aluminium and why is that different after you inject aluminium. What happens after you eat it, is only a very small bit less than one percent but usually more on the level of zero point three percent, 0.3%. That's a very small bit. Actually gets into the body. The rest of it comes out in the stool. Then after it's in the body, some of it will stay, very small percentage will stay in the body and the rest of it will come out in the urine. They find this to be true when they study humans and animals. From eating. But there is some variability. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to aluminium science is that you can't be sure of anything, except that is has been proven to be neurotoxic and to be dangerous to the immune system. As far as the variability in all of us we're all different. Just like every vaccine doesn't work the same on all of us, aluminium will not have the same effect on all of us."

"But when you inject it, through a needle, into a muscle, something totally different happens. Here we have the needle and they're putting in these nano-particles. Remember I told you aluminium hydroxide, aluminium phosphate, and I've already talked about macrophages. That's one thing. I'm going to keep repeating myself. This is how I learn. I need to keep hearing things over in different ways. So we have these macrophages that I already talked about time and again, and here we are. Macrophages come in and they eat the aluminium, and sometimes they explode. They eat themselves to death, as one of the most prominent aluminium scientists said. I believe it was Dr. Christopher Exley who has written a lot about this, says they eat themselves to death and they explode. Then what happens after that is more macrophages are called in to clean up the mess. So this is how, it basically builds upon itself. So some of them will eat the nano-particles of aluminium, some of them will eat the antigen, the disease particle, to make immunity and I already showed you how it goes into the blood brain barrier and through it into the brain. So you have this disturbance that happens at the muscle, the immune system overreacts and in the process of giving you immunity also will carry this aluminium to different parts of the body. 100% of the aluminium remains in the body after injection. As opposed to 0.3 % after you eat it. Then what happens after the 100%, a little bit of that will come out in the urine, a little bit. Although with the babies none came out, but over time a little bit somewhere between, they showed with the rabbits, that with that high dose that somewhere between six and twenty two percent might come out over twenty eight days. But immediately none of it comes out, and it just travels around the body, small amount comes out into the urine. So you can see the big difference between eating something and injecting something. So when somebody tries to tell you that, not to worry that there's formaldehyde in vaccines, it's totally different. You know, you have bile in your body also. but you don't want to inject that into a muscle. You would cause major problems. So how things get into the body makes a big difference as to what happens later."

"I'm showing you this slide again, because I want to show you now in more detail the difference between the amount after you eat something that stays in the body, and the amount after you inject it, and I want to compare in six months time. the reason i'm showing this you, even though it's not a perfect comparison, I'm showing this to you because this is what Oxford scientists and Dr. Paul Offit and those people want to say to you to calm you down. They want to say look you're getting a huge amount, look you're getting 7,000 milligrams in breastmilk in six months. Look you're getting huge amount from soy formula one hundred and seventeen thousand micrograms or one hundred seventeen milligrams depending on how you look at it. They say you're getting a huge amount in this food so what are you complaining about if you're getting this little bit in your injection? And now you know why, because this part is only 0.3% absorbed so you only end up with this amount after you eat or drink it. So for them to say to you, you shouldn't worry, because look, they're gonna keep saying look at how much you're getting, when you're eating. These babies are drinking huge amounts of aluminium, it's the third most common element in the Earth's crust, metal in the Earth's crust, and they'll keep saying these things, but they're leaving this part out. The Earth's crust, it's bound to silica, it's not available to cause chemical reactions in the body, but when you inject it with hydroxide or phosphate it's a totally different animal than when you're eating aluminum silica, or even aluminum hydroxide. Totally different."

"Let's look at what, I told you Keith and Mitkus, I'm gonna go through these fast because I think it might be a little boring for you, but I just want you to see the studies for yourself and how incredibly flawed they are to use as the excuse by Oxford and Dr. Paul Offit. And this is how you win an argument with aluminium. They bring these studies out all the time. I see battles going on all the time and these studies are brought out. We have this magical line here, called the minimal risk level. This magical line was created by using some studies that looked at how animals eat aluminium, and whats toxic, and by this one adult male, who got one injection, of teeny teeny tiny amount into the vein, not into the muscle. So they used this, to make this thing called minimum risk level, and then what they did in this analysis, is they looked at a couple of the vaccines, but they left out pneumococcus, haemophilus influenza b, both of which your babies are vaccinated for, and hepatitis a that our babies are vaccinated for. They left those out of the calculation. Then they said look, this is how much you get in breastmilk, this is how much you get in formula, this is how much each of your vaccines, your two months, your four months, your six months, blah blah blah. They said, and look even when we add this all together, we're not, we're barely not going through the minimum risk level so you shouldn't worry. You might want to know just how this minimum risk level was determined. Because it was kind of like magic. Black magic."

"The minimum risk level is what they want you to think of as the safe level of aluminium for human babies. They looked at this study where they had mice eating aluminium and they looked at that one adult which is completely different. You cannot look at an adult getting intravenous 0.7 micrograms, and say that is the same as what you're doing to babies. You can't. So we can just tick that right off, as justification for minimum risk level."

"But what I want to show you is just how ludacris using this study to calculate that minimum risk level is. Before I do that, Dr. Keith, the study I just showed you, finally somebody came along and they said hey, we've got two problems here, first off is that you didn't notice that those babies don't have normal kidney function, Babies when they are born do not have the same kidney function that we have. So we have to calculate that into the minimum risk level, meaning how much you can have brought into the body. And they said, by the way, you left out pneumococcal, haemophilus influenza b and hepatitis a, so this doctor came along later, Dr. Mitkus, and he said I'll take care of this, sit down Dr. Keith, we'll do another analysis, what we're going to do is we're going to look at that kidney function and we're gonna look at all those vaccines, and you'll see pages and pages of fancy equations of how he made these calculations, and again he magically showed, there's no problem. Not only is there no problem, but it's actually better than Dr. Keith reported. It's even less toxic than Dr. Keith reported. The only problem is, he used that same study, with the mice eating aluminium, and he used the same intravenous study. We still don't have any study that looks at babies getting injected with aluminium to calculate the safety. We don't have that study. We're using animals, and we're using one adult male."

"Let's look at the animal study that they used to determine what a safe level for eating actually is. Normally a control means you don't give the drug to them, right? We can all agree on that. When you have a control, when you're doing an experiment if I want to do an experiment and say I want to see if sunshine is problematic, I'm gonna put half of you in the sunshine, and I'm gonna take you out of the sunshine right? Or I might put you in a light that doesn't have ultraviolet, but I will not give you ultraviolet rays. Well, the equivalent of that would be that this control group would have had no aluminium, but that's not what the control group had. They gave the control group aluminium. Well that's immediately going to make the difference between the groups much smaller. And this is commonly done in vaccine studies. They've also done it in this food safety study. So you can imagine, let me just give you an example, is when the safety of influenza vaccines is being tested, that they would give half of you the new influenza vaccine, and they would give the other half of you last year's influenza vaccine to see if it makes any of you sick. Does that sound right? Half of you should get a saline, a salt water injection, but that's not what they do. Sometimes they'll give the placebo or the control is hepatitis a vaccine, time and time again this is how controls are done. So it's not fair. So this control right away we know we have a problem. And they found that, if you look at this study by Golub, it's completely uncontrolled experiment, and that their control animals actually got higher levels in their food than what the European Food Safety Authority says is a maximum tolerable limit. So they were getting toxic amounts compared to what the European Food Safety says and much higher doses than the average adult in the USA gets. So the control mice were getting higher doses than an adult human in American eats every day"

"The proof is shown here in Table 1 and this is from the study. You can see the controls. They put in the diet, micrograms of aluminum in the diet, twenty five micrograms per gram, so it worked out to when they ate it three milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. That is not a control. Then they looked at this and they said sixty two milligrams. This is one that we found. this is a low dose. This is the high dose here, hundred, hundred thirty. They said, this low dose is safe. They said because we found no problems in these animals that got the low dose. So the low dose is safe. So this is the one we're gonna use to say that it is safe when looking at humans. Then they justified it and they divided it by thirty to say because it was being done on smaller humans, so they made some adjustments and they said that three milligrams per kilogram per day is safe for these humans."

"But Dr. Keith said that there was no adverse effects at that low level but the problem when you go actually read the study is that there will multiple adverse effects at that level. The animals lost fur and they had a pattern of eating that basically signified that they were unwell called cyclical eating, indicates nutrient deficiency or poisoning. This level that they called safe in the study, the study didn't actually say was safe, by Dr. Keith said was safe, and he was going to use that to compare to our babies. The other thing to realize is that these were done on adult mice. Human babies are much more sensitive than adult mice. So it's again, it's not a good comparison and we know that different organs have different sensitivities. So we have no control. We have no study that tells you what level is safe for babies to be drinking. So we can't say that any level is safe at all."

"Remember the second study I showed you, that doctor came along and said I'm gonna re-do it, well he had two other studies available to him that could have shown him what I'm telling you that having fifty milligrams per kilogram per day, even less is toxic, and then that there's learning and memory impairment at even as low as thirty milligrams per kilogram per day. These were available to this second scientist but he chose not to use these because he wanted to support what had already been told to the public."

"In my opinion vaccine stakeholders are peddling junk science. I've just shown you all the reasons why. This is being recorded, so you can go back and listen to this again and look at all the studies that I just put up. But they are ignoring the tissue and brain accumulation. They are creating their own safe levels. They are saying that it comes naturally in premature babies so it must be good. I mean they're basically creating their own logic as well. They're violating proper scientific methods. Control means you don't give them the substance, it doesn't mean you give them a little of it. It doesn't mean you give them last year's. Control means placebo, means you don't give them the drug."

"We have a few studies where, these are independent studies, where these groups in Canada looked at, when they inject mice with even less aluminium than USA babies get. The reason they did this is because they were looking at Gulf War Syndrome and they mimicked the amounts of vaccines that were given for the Gulf War, before the Gulf War, into those soldiers. So they gave them the equivalent, was a very small amount, two doses of of fifty micrograms per kilogram and they gave it two weeks apart. Remember USA babies get more than that and they get it all at once, not two weeks apart."

"Well, the results were very interesting, they found that 50% of them had problems, neuromuscular weakness, significant weakness. They found there was degeneration or decinigration, however you want to think of it, of motor neurons, in the spine, 35% lower than the controls. They found that there were numerous behavioral changes consistent with anxiety, over 138%. And they found that the central nervous system pathology was similar to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, we call Lou Gehrig's disease in USA. So that's the first study."

"The second one, these same scientists from British Columbia, they looked at the same dose that they give to USA babies, and they gave them around 300 micrograms per kilogram over six doses in two weeks and that's about the same as what our two month old babies get all at once, and they had true controls, that didn't get any aluminium and this is what happened."

"They saw motor deficits, they saw poor learning and memory, shorter distances traveled in tests meaning that there was fear, slower movement, sudden jerky movements, stumbling unable to walk in straight lines, compared to the control group. So they tested both of them extensively, and came up with this"

"This is the graphs, so you can see that if this is the average time to complete a maze, this is a learning study. This is a very well established way to test animals in labs and they found that the aluminium, look at how much longer they took to finally figure it out. Day 4 they all figured it out. But look at the aluminium, they were just so much slower. They had like retardation in their ability to figure out how to get out of the maze, the aluminium group."

"I told you that the mice moved slower, they moved less frequently, they didn't walk in straight lines, and they tended to hide, which is all signs of anxiety and fear. This is the aluminium. You can see the big difference in aluminium versus control. And all of these studies significant differences between the doses that were given to those mice versus the controls."

"They decided to look at the spinal cord after they killed these mice between the control mice and the ones that were injected and there's something called Tau protein. Tau protein is normal but when you have hyperphosphorylated HP Tau protein, it's always a bad sign, a bad sign of disease. So this is a healthy human brain tissue, and this is some Alzheimer's disease brain tissue and so you see HP Tau, the bad thing. This was a healthy mouse spinal cord, and this was the aluminium injected mouse spinal cord. So you can see what's happening here. There's a big similarity, we're finding in the adult Alzheimer's disease and these childhood brain damage. It's just a matter of accumulation and age in my opinion."

"Dr. Shaw's group decided to look at the preschool aluminium dose, full dose USA 2010 schedule. They dosed these mice over three weeks which is comparable to the development of children to six years of age."

"Here's the part that might be interesting to you is that they also did a dose that represented the Scandinavian preschool but it was back at a time where there was less aluminium given. Keep that in mind. They got a dose of 240 micrograms per kilogram over three weeks which is comparable to what your children get to six years of age. SO with mice because they develop faster, younger mice equals older humans."

"The effect of the high aluminium was dramatic in both males and females as we can see on the red lines and they had very high statistical significance. Note that the USA schedule is down here so, this is the control, the black line, blue line is Scandinavian schedule and red line is USA and you can see in all of the tests they looked at they found significant deficits in the mice that were vaccinated with USA schedule. And you can see that, when it came to the females, the females were more sensitive, and that's usually the case when it comes to vaccination, at least we found that in some of the African studies. But we know that that's not necessarily the case when it comes to autism because males are more affected, but in this with the aluminium we see that the Scandinavian schedule definitely put these animals at a disadvantage when it came to the time that they spent in the light, the number of visits in the light, showing that they were showing signs of fear, and abnormality. So even the Scandinavian schedule showed an effect upon these mice, but the USA schedule showed a major statistically significant effect. But what you should know is that, at the time when they did this they mimicked your schedule but you were giving 16% less aluminium than you are today. When I did the conversion, microgram for microgram, you're getting more aluminium today than they gave back then. The other thing to notice about this study is that the negative effects didn't appear right away. You know how when they do vaccine safety studies they look for maybe 12 hours, maybe 48 hours, at best, two weeks, but almost never two weeks. These mice were dosed at age zero to 3 weeks, but the damage wasn't observable until 18 weeks which is almost 4 months later. To say that we're going to see all of the negative effects from vaccination right away makes no sense whatsoever because it takes time for the immune system to react to the vaccine and to cause these destructive effects within the brain and for it to become evident"

"So what we know about aluminium's destructive effects is very clear. These are very important papers, Kawahara, Levy and we know that aluminium binds to nucleotides meaning to genetic material, nucleus, and changes how that works. We know that aluminium, even though it's an adjuvant, it's actually an antigen, meaning that you will start to react to that all by itself over time. And we know as I told you earlier, that it's very well published TH2 bias happens after you get these aluminium injections"

"Vaccine relevant levels of aluminium are neurotoxic meaning when they did these studies, they weren't given huge outrageous doses of aluminium, they were given proportional doses of aluminium to the proportional size of these animals. And again we find that it's a neurotoxin, it's a blood brain barrier neurotoxin, Dr. Banks has shown that, it accumulates, in the brain, it's attracted to the brain, it activates the immune system in the brain and it causes brain inflammation. I'm gonna go through these studies in a little bit."

"Let's take a look at how aluminium directly effects animals. I talked about Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks injected these animals with aluminium into the belly, and what he found that the blood brain barrier became very permeable after that, and again he found that there was no rise in the blood, and you should know by now, there's a reason for that. Because aluminium is taken up by the immune cells and travels through the lymphatic system and ends up in different organs. It doesn't go into blood"

"There are four important articles. You should all take a picture of this slide, because these are important articles to anybody who wants to understand more about the problems with aluminium should read all of these articles, and read them very carefully. They might take you some time, but it's worth the time that it takes, because they all outline different problems with aluminium. I'm going to be going through some of them."

"This is just a picture out of the one by Dr. Shaw's group, and this is a really important article because it goes through each organ system and it's highly referenced, highly scientifically referenced, and these scientists did a very comprehensive job of looking at the toxicity that has been shown in different times, and different animals, including humans, with aluminium and all the different systems. They find that it increase autoimmune problems, I talked about the blood brain barrier, I talked about the macrophages, this disease called macrophagic myofascitis, this is a disease that we know is caused by aluminium. It talks about the central nervous system, and a lot of the studies I went through plus more studies about how it effects the cognitive function, how these animals are able to think. It talked about what happens at a molecular level. We're highly dependent on water in our bodies, you're about between 75% and 80% water, and so how water works and the structure of water is really important and they've shown that when you put aluminium in into a system that it changes what they call the zeta potential of the water and how that water, the charge on the water changes effects, how all these different kinds of molecules in your bodies function. Then it talks about this genetic problem. What it does to the DNA, how it changes how DNA functions, and which genes are open and which genes are closed. It talks about, because aluminium is so highly charged, positively charged plus 3, that it's very highly attracted to the negatively charged proteins. You're pretty much made of protein. Besides the water, you're made of protein. Most of the proteins, many of them anyway are negatively charged. For a protein to work properly it has to be the right shape especially if you're an enzyme, that kind of protein. So if you need an enzyme to be curled up for it to function and aluminium comes in and opens it, it won't work anymore. This is a common problem when you put aluminium into a system. So it changes enzyme function. it's a highly stressful oxidant so it increases oxidant stress. It's all very well defined. It changes the way that cells are able to communicate with each other. Imagine. You started out as two cells meeting and somehow those cells were able to communicate with each other, make a line of cells, and then they were able to communicate with each other to stem out and start making organs, and now all of your cells are communicating with each other to keep everything working like a giant battery. It's pretty miraculous. You couldn't do that without those cells being able to communicate with each other and so aluminium disrupts the ability of cells to communicate. Both regular cells and brain cells. I think that's enough to summarize that article. But there's one other picture from that article, which I think tells a thousand words."

"There's something called a glycocalyx and this glycocalyx, this is a cell, the outer layer of a cell when it's healthy. And so you have this negative charge and all of these sulphates, and that's a healthy cell. This glycocalyx is especially important in heart, in blood vessels, and in gut. And disruption of this glycocalyx leads to disease. So this is what it looks like normally. You have this system here. Just look at this out pouch in this thing called system eNOS, that's normal. This is in a state of health. Well, you toss aluminium into there, you've created chaos. What happens is this nice negatively charged sulfate, outer portion breaks down. Look. It's gone. it's got holes in it. And this thing called eNOS stops working properly. It backs away. It's not communicating and putting out more sulpher. Instead it starts making nitrous oxide. Aluminium fluoride, remember fluoride is highly reactive as well, this is why we don't need it. This is why it doesn't belong in our bodies or our drinking water. But you put aluminium and fluoride together and they love each other. So they will hang out and they will start disrupting signals going into the cell and cause all kinds of disruption. So now this outer portion isn't being made properly. The cell communication won't be as good and will develop disease in those systems."

"Aluminium, we know that aluminium makes -- first I'm gonna explain what this is, this is another picture of a cell membrane just giving you another view of it, that an artist designed, and a cell membrane has these layers. Inside of these layers all these proteins are floating through. they're not just staying there. Everything's kind of moving through these phospholipids right here. So this is inside the cell, this is outside the cell, and this is the membrane. So you have all of these switches that regulate what happens inside the cell, something like a hundred thousand, hundred thousand switches on each cell of your body. That's amazing! Ok. It's amazing that one cell can have a hundred thousand switches but it does. So these are all proteins that are communicating messages from outside to inside, telling that cell, what to do, what proteins to make, where to go, how to act, and so it's really important that these proteins can float freely through this membrane, and be able to function and communicate. And we know for certain, based on these three studies, that aluminium changes the way that these phospholipids function. It changes myelin, in the brain. Myelin in the nervous system is like the insulating cord that makes transmission of impulses happen rapidly. We know that it changes myelin, and it makes it stiff. And it changes that membrane fluidity. So basically to put aluminium into this system, is not only like punching holes in it, it's also like layering it with plastic, it just doesn't function the way it should after awhile."

"Now that you know some of the effects that aluminium has on the brain, and on different cells in the body, we can now talk about the effects that aluminium has on the DNA, on the genetic material. And this is called epigenetic, because it does not change the structure of the genes, the genes still look exactly the same, everyone knows what genes are. Epigenetic means something on top of the genes changes and that makes the function of the gene change. And aluminium has an effect upon that. But before I go further I just want to explain to you what epigenetic really is. in very simple terms. Most people are familiar with this structure, it's the chromosome. So you get half of them from the mother and the father for a full set. What happens, and how I think of the chromosome and epigenetics, is I think of this as a library, an incredible huge comprehensive library, that has the instructions of everything that your body will ever have to do in there, including living and dying. It's all coded in there. Your hair color, your hair growth, how your cells talk to each other, how your heart works, all of that, is put into this library. And over time, different parts of it will open out, different books will be opened up to be read. So that those parts can function of form. So here's part of the opening process, as you unwind this, coils upon coils upon coils, and inside of here you end up, with this level of coils, and these are wrapped around these little balls, called histones, and the chemicals that sit on the outside of these histones, is one of the signals that tells the genes to open or close or to be read or not read, function or not function. That is an epigenetic mechanism. If you have a certain chemical sitting on this little histone, that will either make the gene operate or not operate. That's one way. Another way if we keep uncoiling further and further you end up with something else we're very familiar with which is this ladder, or double helix as they call it. But if we put a chemical called methyl group on to there, certain genes will be upregulated or downregulated, similar to opening those books, having things happen or not happen. So this is a very simplified version of epigenetics and how it happens. So we have something called micro RNA also which can effect which genes get transcribed, which proteins get made, and how the book of life either functions, or doesn't function."

"This is just another picture, going one layer deeper into the cell, so here we have again, remember that phospholipid membrane that I showed you earlier with all those switches that sit inside, hundred thousand switches on each cell, sensing what's going on outside, meaning the air you breathe, what chemicals are in your blood, what neurotransmitters are released into the blood, it's all giving these switches signals, to talk to the genetic material in the nucleus. This is how epigenetics works. So what's happening on the outside here which chemicals are there, is going to tell everything inside which books need to be opened, which books need to be closed, in order for life to happen the best way possible, or in the case of disease, maybe not so good. These signals are brought into the nucleus, and this is where epigenetics happens, which things are read, which proteins are made. So it's just another way to look at the previous slide."

"Now, in America the first vaccine that a baby gets, is the hepatitis b vaccine, which has a high amount of aluminium. Your babies are also getting this vaccine, but it is not regulated onto your schedule yet, your babies are getting it at a slightly older age, but not all of them. We know that this aluminium in the hepatitis b vaccine definitely has effects, epigenetic effects, so a lot of people will say, well of course Dr. Humphries we have to have epigenetic effects for the vaccine to work, but the question is, what is the actual vaccine, the antigen, and what is the aluminium, what is healthy, and what is not healthy, what is what you want to happen because of immunity for the hepatitis b, and what is what we call nonspecific effects. This Dr. Hamza, injected mice with the appropriate dose for their size, of hepatitis b vaccine, and what he found is that 144 liver genes changed after one day. 52 of them, basically, the books in that big library, were closed or they were downregulated, and 92 were opened, or upregulated. They decided to choose seven of them, related to the liver, and examine them more closely to see, what was going on, and what they determined was that two inflammation genes were upregulated, two other acute phase inflammation proteins were upregulated, 1 gene for how you make new glucose molecules, mostly when you're starving, were upregulated, and this is not a normal thing to do if you're not starving, 2 for the bile acids which are necessary for a lot of processes in the body, were downregulated. So there were epigenetic effects."

"Dr. Hamza, noticed and he mentioned, that the adjuvant was causing the side effects. In his words, he says "several side effects that are caused by the aluminum adjuvant, we confirmed the hepatitis b vaccine changed the expression level of seven genes that they selected which showed sub-toxic adverse effects of the vaccine, especially subtle liver injury." And it's very common to hear parents say after my baby got that hepatitis b vaccine they became yellow and jaundiced, and we started to see all kinds of sicknesses occurring and I thought to myself, well let me see, what studies have been done on placebo unvaccinated versus vaccinated, and jaundice. Do you know, I could not find one, they don't exist. Nobody has looked systematically on the effects of jaundice on newborn babies for giving this vaccine. Back before this vaccine was recommended by the advisory committees, there were doctors all over the world protesting the use of this vaccine in young babies, and I have some of those documents that talk, about the very common, nonspecific, adverse effects that were seen in babies back then, but that information was completely ignored, and they went ahead and starting vaccinating, one day old babies, just hours old in America, with this vaccine. It's part of our schedule. If you're going by the American schedule and listening to your doctor, all babies will get this on their first day of life."

"We have another, what I call, commonly accepted fallacy, something that is not true, but we hear it over and over and over again. By Dr. Offit who I've talked about earlier who says that "autism is not an immune mediated disease. Unlike autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, there is no evidence of immune activation or inflammatory lesions in the central nervous system of people with autism" Where does he get this information? I think he makes it up."

"Because when we actually look at the scientific reality, the fact is that aluminium is attracted to the brain and it has been shown to have increasing effects as it goes from the abdomen up to the chest, up to the brain, into those smaller blood vessels, and the closer to the brain, that the blood carrying the aluminium goes, the more aluminium you will find in those blood vessels, and I'll show you this all in more detail in a minute. But we know for certain, these scientists have shown, as recently as 2013, that it accumulates in arteries, that go to serve the brain, and that there are epigenetic effects in the brain. That all these, I'm not going to get into what this means, but these are inflammatory factors NF-k beta, they are inflammatory factors, pro-inflammatory gene expression, micro RNA, and it condenses brain chromatin, brain genetic material, meaning that transcription, or the signals that tell the brain what proteins to make, are impaired as a result of this."

"We know that aluminium is extremely pro-inflammatory, that it's pathological, and toxic to genes, and that it is particularly detrimental or deleterious to the normal operation of brain cells, especially on the genetic activities that utilize phosphate. In the brain, there's a lot of phosphate utilization that happens. We know that research on Alzheimer's disease, also shows that there are inflammatory markers in the brain. I'm working my way up to autism, so just hang on for a minute"

"What we're showing over here, this is basically the control, HSA, and this is the inflammatory, inflammation level of people with different severities of Alzheimer's disease, and what we see is when there's no Alzheimer's, less Alzheimer's and more Alzheimer's disease, that the inflammation level in those brains of people with Alzheimer's disease is much much higher. That's what CRP means. Then if we go over here, and what they did is they got these very sensitive brain cells that are part of the blood brain barrier that you can culture in a laboratory, and they exposed them to aluminium what they found was that the higher the dose went of aluminium the higher the inflammation went, in those very sensitive brain cells. So how does aluminium and Alzheimer's relate to vaccines?"

"We know that vaccines have a vast array of what I've talked about earlier, called non-specific effects, and it's admitted that the explanation for them is unknown at the moment. But that doesn't mean that we don't have any explanation. For a very long time scientists thought, that the brain was privileged, it was so separated out from the rest of the body, that it was almost like an isolated planet of it's own. To most of us that never really made much sense."

"That belief, that the brain was separated immunologically from the body, was destroyed this year, when researchers found this discovery , which they have reported saying, all of these old neuro-anatomy textbooks are going to have to be re-written, because of what they discovered this year. It's a serious embarrassment that it took this long for this discovery, which should have been common sense, to happen."

"This is what it was. They found that -- this is how the textbooks show the lymphatic system. Lymphatics basically drain toxins and poisons and excess fluid, that doesn't belong there, out of the wherever it is, puts it back into the blood where it can be dealt with. So here's what it looked like yesterday, there was no lymphatic drainage of the brain whatsoever, because it was considered immunologically privileged. It turns out that not only did scientists realize that we have brains in our heads, because this is what today's diagram looks like according to this neuroscience news, but now they're showing this extensive lymphatic drainage system, coming from the brain. In 2015, they've discovered lymphatic drainage."

"To me what this means, is if there is lymphatic drainage in the brain, it means that things do get into the brain, and that nature or god, however you want to think about it, has developed a system to get that stuff out of the brain. So we can no longer say, oh nothing gets in there, and it's evidenced by the fact that we don't have even lymphatics up in the brain. So the brain is not an inpenetrable fortress, like vaccinologists would have you believe, and that's a really good thing, because other discoveries that have recently been made, show us that as I talked about earlier, as you go higher and higher away from the belly, this FA, stands for femural artery, and if we start there and we measure the level of aluminium in the femural artery, and whatever it is, we'll call that level one, just to give it a baseline. Then as the blood flows higher up, what they find is that in this thing called common carotid artery, it's doubled. So something's happening that's multiplying the amount of aluminium as you go higher. The internal cerebral artery, thirty, sorry, it's tripled up to 3. Actually that might be internal carotid artery. Then you have the basilar artery, you're going up a little farther, you're going up to 3.5 times the amount of aluminum that we found in the femural artery. The posterior cerebral artery, we're going deeper into the brain, we're up to a level of 9 inside that artery. So as you go up higher the aluminium gets concentrated in those arteries that are supplying the brain, and what they find is that, the brain micro vessel, those blood brain barrier cells, have a very high attraction for aluminium, and those glial cells, these are cells that are basically the immune cells inside the brain, that aluminium is also highly attracted to those, and that's a problem because these glial cells, are very dependent on just the right amount of stimulation. You don't want them not doing enough, and you don't want them over active, because if they are over active, they can cause destruction in the brain"

"So these are all really important findings, that support the fact that the brains in people with autism, that they show neural inflammation. So Dr. Paul Offit, has been shown to be wrong, by this groundbreaking paper in 2005, I don't know why he wouldn't have read this, because it completely destroys what he said. And they said, Dr. Vargas, "we demonstrate an active neuroinflammatory process in the brain, all these parts of the brain of autistic patients" What happened was, they got, so autistic kids die, just like regular kids, in car accidents, falling off of bridges, whatever, trauma, accidents, and so what they did is they got some children who did not have autism who had died, and other children who had autism, and they looked at the brains, and they looked for these inflammation markers. They found huge amounts in these kids with autism. So this is an extensive report I am just summarizing here, and they show "marked activation of microglia and astroglia". Those are the cells, the immune cells in the brain, that we don't want to be over active. They are on fire in these autistic kids' brains. And their cerebral spinal fluid also very very inflammatory."

"More recently in 2013, Dr. Suzuki showed very clearly, as you can see these colored dots right here, those are the inflammatory parts of the brain that Dr. Offit says don't exist. Here we have normal brains scanned. These are live people, live people. These are normals, these are people with autism. Tell me is there inflammation in the brains of autistic people or not?"

"And again this is just showing the different levels of these inflammatory markers in autistic people, and they're markedly markedly higher."

"Back to Dr. Vargas, and these are some of the conclusions that we can make, that the brain isn't what we thought it was, even last year. We're still making new discoveries. This science is not settled. This science is not what you're told commonly by the vaccine promoting doctors of the world, or the vaccine promoting organizations of the world. The closer that you get to the brain, the more aluminium you can see in blood vessels, and there's a large body of modern research that says aluminium activation occurs and under some conditions could very clearly contribute to autistic like disorders. The evidence for brain inflammation is overwhelming."

"I have shown you that aluminium is highly toxic to nerve cells in the central nervous system. I have shown you how aluminium crosses that barrier and gets into the brain. I have shown you how aluminium is found in blood vessels in the brain, leading to the brain. I've shown you how it's associated with inflammatory processes, how injection is not the same as eating it, or ingestion, and how the studies that they did were highly flawed, and probably represent academic misconduct to even use them for the claims that are being made about aluminium, and that there is a significant effect on animals' behavior, on their fear levels, on their intelligence levels, ability to solve problems between the ones that were given saline injection versus giving vaccine relevant doses of aluminium. So we can't believe that aluminium is harmless. But we can remember back to a time when doctors told us lots of nonsense that people believed, hook, line, and sinker."

"There was once a time, probably before most of you were born, where doctors sit on the ward of the hospital smoking and where the patient would come up with the oxygen tank and ask for a light. There was a time when doctors recommended certain types of cigarettes over others. And where there was outright denial that tobacco smoke caused any problems. This is an actual ad from a journal, probably in the 1950's. More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette."

"And even further back, we had this amazingly stupid practice, of using arsenic, as a universal therapeutic for everyone including children. And we were told literally that arsenic was potent, effective, and safe, and that it generally agreed very well with children. People smoked arsenic laden tobacco. They took it as medication. There is an entire article that you can read more about that, talking about the Arsenic Act of 1851 finally occurring. And the prevention of secret poisoning."

"But arsenic back in 1939 was actually a prescription drug so it moved from household items into the pharmaceutical industry approved by the American Medical Association. In 1939 the American Medical Association leant what it called it's seal of acceptance to a drug called tryparsamide which was an arsenic medicine manufactured by Merck under license from Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. And this drug was used to counter the effects of syphillis often using 100 injections to a single patient. There were doctors that were saying this is a really bad idea back then but they were completely over ridden by the authorities at the time. This article here, Cormia in 1934, there's a quote from it saying "another patient who had previously received 34 injections of arsphenamine, arsenic containing medicine, 23 injections of bismuth, and 76 mercury rubs, and had a paretic, meaning paralytic type of serologic relapse after 104 injections of tryparsamide. So clearly there has been a bit of a slow learning process in the medical establishment, and in that time, things are recommended to the public, which are later determined ot be severely problematic. And I predict that if the medical establishment, develops any sense in the years coming, or any ethics, that aluminium will be seen very similar to arsenic was back then. There are many examples like DES, Diethylstilbestrol, you may have heard of, like thalidomide, and the list is huge."

"But the key problem is that we're talking about an almost insurmountable problem right now when it comes to this dogma of safety of aluminium which is actually based on no science, or very flawed science, it is highly accepted through a medical establishment that does not read it's own medical literature and reassures you that everything is great, injecting this substance into your children. So much has been invested in terms of prestige, reputation, and money, that to admit that aluminium can cause exactly what we know it can, would have potential to undermine public confidence in vaccines. Because if the public understood the implications of published science they wouldn't be happy, and they would be demanding accountability. Therefore a nation's, or I should say a world's public health objective and a very profitable industry cannot be put into jeopardy."

"That's why you're told that the aluminium levels in vaccines are so low it couldn't possibly be harmful, that your child's immune system is defective, immature, inadequate, slow, and insufficient to meet it's needs. You're told your baby could die in order to get you to vaccinate. Or you're told your baby could live with severe disability from disease if you don't vaccinate. The purpose of all of this is to incite fear and overcome your logical objections and to make parents obey even if vaccination is non-compulsory like it is here for now."

"The vaccine industry is now one of the biggest industries ever on the planet. And the goose that lays the golden egg, must be protected at all costs, and that's the way it's been for a very long time. But it's never been moreso than it is today in the information era. So now we have no excuse not to have an understanding for ourselves, of the discrepancy between what the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical establishment that are partnered with the governments and academia, are telling us about aluminium, when we know what the medical literature shows, when we know that the medical literature that they're using to make their arguments is wrong."

"As far as what you do today, you have choice, and the buck stops with you, it's your decision what to do, and I know right now you have complete freedom over vaccinating in these countries in Scandinavia, but it seems to me when I talk to parents, that you have complete freedom so long as you make the right choice. nobody bothers you. But there's been a lot of backlash towards people who have arranged my talks, in all the countries, there's been vandalism towards people who have arranged my talks in other countries, there have been comments about how we have blood on our hands, because of what we are doing, all because we simply are questioning the paradigm, of vaccination. The only way we can push back against this unreasonable, irrational, aggressive backlash, towards rationality, is to have our facts together. There's no reason why everyone in this room, can't understand all of the things that I just presented and more. You have to know that your doctors were taught almost nothing about vaccination. I talked to a lady today who told me how the vitamin k shot was pushed on her last year, and the doctors were telling her "but we just had two babies have brain bleeds!!" and so she said to them "so they didn't get the vitamin k?" and they said "oh no they got the vitamin k" There's just such a discrepancy between logical thinking and what the medical literature shows, and what history has shown us, that all of these arguments that they just are pretty much brainwashed to throw at you, can be tossed right back at them. Ask questions! Ask what studies are they basing their recommendations to you upon. Make them dig out the studies. Say ok, I'll listen to you as soon as you show me this. Make this make sense to me because I want to do the best I can do for my baby. And the only way I can do that is to read it for myself. And I'm smart enough to read it for myself. Let's read it together. Make them product the evidence that they are showing you why you need to vaccinate your babies. I'm in contact right now with a pediatrician whose just out of residency, and he says that whenever a baby comes in with meningitis symptoms, they do a spinal tap, and if the baby hasn't been vaccinated, the reason for the meningitis is non-vaccination, even if they don't find any kind of infection. They say the symptoms are from non-vaccination. I said to him, you need to have them produce some evidence that non-vaccination is correlated to meningitis. Have them look at the breastfeeding rates of these children that are coming in with meningitis, and he wrote back to me and he said you're right, almost 100% of these babies are formula fed when they come in with meningitis symptoms. There's always more than meets the eye. It's never just about the microbe. Remember that. Remember that there's a history, and there's science, and there's a complete protective blanket over your baby that's potentially there based upon what you do with that baby, and that medical science is on a pathway, like a railroad pathway, it's not one where it has options and thoughts and depths and layers, they're on track. They're on track to use drugs the way they are trained to use drugs. Not to think. Not to think about you as an individual. But to get everybody into compliance. Doing what they're told to do. You have the right always to say I'm not ready to do this. I want to know more."

"I've just given you some more information that you can bring into your home, to your friends, to your spouses, and maybe even to your doctors, because actually some of them are educable. I was once an idiot. I once thought that people who didn't vaccinate were taking advantage of all the people that were. I thought that they were being privileged opportunists. And I was a vaccinating doctor because I was taught nothing about vaccines. Because I had never met an unvaccinated child, but once i met unvaccinated children and started seeing problems firsthand with vaccinations in my own patients, and started doing my own research, I flipped around 180 degrees. I've known other doctors that are able to do that as well. Some of them, because parents like you have presented the facts to them, quietly, calmly, and rationally. That's key."