Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Children's Medical Safety Research Institute 4th International Symposium on Vaccines at 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity

Conclusive research linking vaccines and autoimmune diseases

“On April 6th in Leipsig, Germany, we (CMSRI) will be sponsoring our 4th International Symposium on Vaccines at the 10th International Congress on Autoimmunity, where experts from around the globe will be discussing new research that conclusively links vaccines to autoimmune diseases in prone individuals. By all accounts, this is an historic step towards unlocking the causes behind today’s epidemic of autoimmune illnesses like MS, Parkinsons, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism.”

"Dr. Christopher Exley will be hosting the day-long symposium which, in the past, has proven to be exciting from a medical research break-through perspective, but also highly alarming from a public health perspective. Leading physicians and medical researchers from universities, hospitals and independent labs worldwide will be examining the findings of recent studies on"
Aluminum-induced macrophagic myofascitis
Aluminum and long-term neurotoxicity in mouse studies
Cellular uptake of aluminum adjuvants
Ovine ASIA syndrome
Molecular mechanisms in vaccine-induced autoimmunity
Primary ovarian failure & chronic fatigue syndrome related to HPV vaccine

“We are thrilled to facilitate this symposium and will be distributing complimentary copies of the medical textbook, Vaccines & Autoimmunity edited by Yehuda Schoenfeld, Lucija Tomiljenovic, and Nancy Agmon-Levin, to all attendees. Dr. Schoenfeld is the driving force behind the 10th International Congress of Autoimmunity, which is expected to draw over 4,000 attendees this year. More than 10-20% of the population suffer from 1 out of the 80 autoimmune diseases, all of which are the subject of research that will be presented and debated throughout the multi-day conference.”

Video presentations from the 4th International Symposium on Vaccines and Autoimmunity on the CMSRI YouTube Channel


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