Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dog killed by rabies vaccine after "free exam"

Beware the word "free." It's bait for dupes. 
Dog killed by rabies vaccine after "free exam" offered at grooming appointment.

RIP, sweet Cabela. You were an important part of our family whose life was taken too early. Please read our story:
I wish I knew that accepting a “Free Exam” for my dog from a new Animal Hospital in Bellevue called Wagly would lead me to euthanize my beloved dog 2 days later. As I cry over 10 years of photos of my Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Cabela, I continually question what I could have done differently to avoid the fate of my 4-legged daughter. On Saturday March 4, 2017 11:30am, I had a grooming appointment for Cabela at Wagly. When I arrived I was presented with a “Free Exam”. This physical exam determined that Cabela is due for her Rabies Vaccine. Cabela’s normal Vet was Aerowood but since I was already at Wagly, I decided to accept. Wagly’s in-house DVM were not available but Wagly had a “temporary DVM”. The DVM and assistant took Cabela to the backroom and gave her the Rabies Vaccine that would change my life forever. After being home for 3 hours, Cabela started drooling. It did not occur to me that the vaccine was causing this. After dinner, Cabela jumped on the couch to lay down. This is when I panicked. I noticed numerous dark red spots all over her stomach, which I thought were hives. I frantically started calling Wagly but they were not available after hours. I took her to 24-hour Emergency Care at her regular vet, Aerowood. The Aerowood DVM gave me some horrifying news. Cabela was hemorrhaging blood through her mouth and under her skin. Her blood platelet count was at 13K. Normal healthy dog is at 300K. Ability to clot blood is 50K. Saturday to Monday, Cabela fought for her life. Monday 2pm, Cabela's body finally began to shut down from all the blood loss, and it went into shock. As the tears poured down my face, I told DVM to stop treatment, and to end her suffering. Cabela has endured enough. My family and I laid on the floor with Cabela in my arms as DVM administered the lethal drug, I felt her last heartbeat and her last gasp of air as she fell asleep forever.
The countless tests conducted on Cabela showed no signs of cancer, tickbourne disease, or poison ingestion. An internist at the rabies vaccine manufacturer was contacted by our Aerowood vet, and confirmed the validity that a Rabies Vaccine could indeed cause this, although rare. Our vet believes the Rabies Vaccine administered by Wagly Animal Hospital was the cause of Cabela’s death.
No one should have to experience the heartache of losing a beloved pet. The bond between a pet and their family is no trivial matter, and we feel that we have been treated as if it were. All we can do at this point is share our story in the hopes that you can take this information to heart and apply it as you see fit. We would never recommend Wagly, nor would we ever trust our animals in their care. Most of all, we want Cabela’s life to be respected as valuable as any human life, for she was a very important member of our family.

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