Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rockefeller Medicine


Philanthropy as a tool for social control. 

Crony capitalism 

"sickest nation in the world and the most expensive medical care in the world, except you never get well" E.C. Mullins 

Allopathic medicine, as opposed to homeopathic and empiric medicine, was developed as a result of the Rockefellers and their influence. Eventually gained the upper hand over empirical healers, who cured patients with herbs and natural remedies. 

In the 1800s societies sanctioned both approaches to healing. Patients had choice of using allopaths or natural healers called empirics or homeopaths. 

Allopaths used surgery. Few patients were willing to have surgery. Most patients feared allopathic methods altogether. 

Satirists of the day remarked that with allopathic treatment, the patient died of the cure.

Natural healers favored herbs learned from Native American and old European traditions. 

Empirics based remedies on observation and experience. 

At the turn of the century AMA joined with strong financial forces to turn medicine into an industry. 

The fortunes of Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller financed surgery, radiation, and synthetic drugs. 

"The takeover of the medical industry was accomplished by a takeover of the medical schools." G. Edward Griffin

Tremendous amounts of money offered to schools that would cooperate with them. 

A drug industry grew out of the booming patent medicine business. 

The doctors changed educational standards and licensing regulations to exclude the empirics. 

Soon only AMA approved doctors could legally practice medicine. 

In a brief 20 years, the AMA came to dominate medical practice. 

Organized medicine launched a media campaign to associate the empirics with quacks. 

The code word for competition was "quackery."

In the 19th century most Americans thrived on homeopathic medicine, which is mostly naturopathic remedies available through nature, in abundance, at low cost. 

The medical monopoly which was formed in 1847 as the American Medical Association, didn't like this because they could not control the people/profits. 

After 1910, John D. Rockefeller kingpin of U.S. medical monopoly. He presided over allopathic medicine, controlled through every legislature. 

Following that, healthcare costs rised to where people could not afford the allopathic system of treatment, so they set up a medical insurance industry. 


Eugenics is their driving ideology for generations.

1952, John D. III founded The Population Council warning of overpopulation.
Rockefeller appointed Frederick Osborn, leader of American Eugenics Society as its first president.

In the 60s the Rockefellers funded a WHO administered task force on vaccines for fertility regulation, that developed anti-fertility vaccines. A task force that eventually succeeded in developing an anti-HCG vaccine that caused spontaneous abortions in vaccinated women.

In the 90s, WHO administered tetanus vaccine programs in multiple countries vaccines were laced with HCG and causing spontaneous abortions in the third world populations.

David Rockefeller continues with overpopulation fearmongering, always framing the problem so as to posit the United Nations as the only solution.

In 2012, David Rockefeller hosted meeting of billionaires including Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, at which they concluded that overpopulation was the world's most pressing problem.

The Rockefeller Foundation gives grants to Planned Parenthood, The Population Council.

1969 Population Council publication. "Mass use of fertility control agent by government to regulate births at an acceptable level."

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