Saturday, July 29, 2017

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News

Erin Elizabeth Finn 
"educated" "escort" for elite Silly Con Valley geeks.

Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News is concealing her last name. I discovered her concealed last name after reading the content in the following two links and following the information leads in the sources linked within them.

Erin Finn, a witness in the Anthony Pellicano trial, leaves Federal Court in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.

"Her name: Erin Finn and she’s tall and blonde. Finn’s resume runs the gamut from model, to escort, house sitter, and Internet tech geek with her own web presence; with a site for guys who like their web woman techno savy and attractive. She currently runs her own website. She also has friends like former super-hacker Kevin Mitnik."

"Only three weeks old, the Gang of Five trial has laid bare L.A.'s true mosaic of diversity — not City Hall’s postcard melting pot but a psychedelic circus of powerful talent agents, high-priced hookers and lonely rich men tweaked on speed. Forget the $50 blowjob, that old staple of the L.A. economy — to step inside Room 890 of the Roybal Federal Building is to enter a brave new world where prostitutes are called "travel guides" and tricks are termed "encounters" that can run between $9,000 and $24,000." "The lady in question was Erin Finn, a slender woman in her 30s with blond hair curtaining an angular face." "Moments before, Finn had told her story to the more sympathetic ears of government prosecutor Kevin Lally. A spunky Midwesterner, Finn had come to town with a dream and entrepreneurial savvy, and before long was running her own call-girl ring through a Web site called EducatedEscort com (since renamed BrainyBlond com), which serviced a specific clientele." "It was during the dot-com era," she explained on the witness stand this week, "[and we] appealed to the socially awkward geeks."

Paging Robert Pfeifer! The Z-Axis video-game executive began dating Finn in 1997, when he was 42 and she was 26. Methamphetamine use would eventually annihilate Pfeifer's career; when he sued Z-Axis for sacking him, Finn testified in a deposition about his drug usage." "Likewise, court spectators would have little idea what kind of business Finn ran when she described it. “I was dealing with socially awkward geeks,” she repeated, pronouncing “geeks” as though she were a diplomat referring to “the Swiss” or “the Palestinians.” How refreshing, then, to watch Cheeky Chad Hummel make her call a spade a spade." "Hummel, who hails from the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips firm, possesses a commanding baritone and presence; he’s easily the most effective attorney representing the Gang of Five. Here he is, making Pfeifer snap out of a moment of self-delusion about Finn's night job:

"In December, 1999, she told you she was a prostitute. And before that you just thought she was your girlfriend?" Exactly." "SITTING BACK IN A PRISON-ISSUE GREEN WINDBREAKER and watching all this is the man at the center of the trial, Anthony Pellicano. The 64-year-old, onetime "PI to the Stars" looks bemused, even flattered, by the demolition derby of wrecked careers and ruined relationships he had a hand in organizing. (He eventually pressured Finn into perjuring herself by recanting her testimony against Pfeifer — and even moving back in with him for a few months.)"

"Robert Pfeifer testified that he paid Mr. Pellicano to wiretap Erin Finn after learning she was a prostitute. Robert Pfeifer, a former music and video game executive, later testified, under a plea agreement, that he paid Mr. Pellicano some $200,000 to wiretap a former girlfriend, Erin Finn. Mr. Pfeifer said he did so after learning she was a prostitute and after she became a witness against him in a wrongful-termination lawsuit in 2000 against the video game company Z-Axis." "Next, Ms. Finn, after describing her several years as a high-priced escort, testified that she had given honest testimony in Mr. Pfeifer’s 2000 lawsuit about his use of illegal drugs. But, she said, she approached Mr. Pellicano in early 2001 to make a deal after his harassment — fueled by information gleaned from months of wiretapping — ran up her own legal bills and drove her to near bankruptcy."

"Finn then took the stand and admitted that while dating Pfeifer she had started an online escort business -- educatedescorts com -- that catered to clientele who were "socially awkward computer geeks.""

"Wednesday was really tedious technical stuff, so here is more entertainment from Tuesday. Just when you think that the silly level has gotten as high as it will go, here comes Robert J. Pfeifer. Mr. Pfeifer was a hotshot Hollywood Records exec and onetime lead singer of a group called the Human Switchboard…I guess it was big in some circles as this next victim of the Pelican had money to blow! Mr. Pfeifer likes to call “agencies” and have dancers sent to his home to…dance! Yes, that is the ultimate “wink wink,” they come they dance and next you know…”there she blows!” Well, somehow this musical genius calls this “broker of hookers” and speaks to a girl who ends up being a huge fan of him and his group! Bona Boy is 42 and this little tart is only 26 and attractive. One thing leads to another and the next thing they are dating. Mr. Pfeifer describes the relationship as “tumultuous”. Well “B-boy” gets canned from his big executive job and the next thing you know his love life is in the crapper. The word is out that Erin Finn, the hooker broker, is going to be deposed and is going to talk about his short comings to the other side in his lawsuit against his former employer!

So what does this wizard of wisdom do? The Pelican to the rescue…yes, he tells the court that he had seen Pellicano on the pages of Variety and Hollywood Reporter…he had “brilliant abilities,” he even worked for the President of the United States! And BAM, He hires him to see if the love of his life is a prostitute!!! Upon the initial meeting Pellicano had to have been well-rested when this sucker walked into this office! Pellicano tells him that he has heard that he was cool, and that he would do a “Super Special job…she won’t be able to use a reel of toilet paper without me knowing!” And with that, let the games begin! I guess he forgot were he met her at. He also hired a hacker who hacked Ms. Finn’s computer and sent all kinds of nasty pictures and e-mails to all of Ms. Finn’s friends. Ho no! They are going to know that hotcakes is a hooker! BUT! She has a specialty, “socially awkward geeks” were her professional expertise! That’s nice of her, even “geeks” need a good F&%$! And this is what she is doing, yup! 2 day minimum and her fees, $ 9000 to $24,000!!! A little cheaper than what Pellicano charged to Fuck his clients…I see some similar behavior! It is said that Mr. Pfeifer paid Pellicano the $25,000 and then the games really began. First Pellicano took what little manhood he had and then kept charging him to make sure “his” girlfriend, “our” girlfriend, “everyone’s” girlfriend was still hooking it around! Mr. B-Boy would end up paying the “Prince of Sicily” almost $225,000 to see if she was a hooker!"

“Finn’s resume runs the gamut from model, to escort, housesitter and Internet tech geek with her own Web presence.."

"This matter began with a nasty dispute between Robert Pfeifer, a video game developer and former Sony executive, and his ex-girlfriend Erin Finn. Finn allegedly opened an internet prostitution service causing Pfeifer to end their relationship."

"The plaintiffs in the action are Erin Finn, who allegedly ran an online prostitution service at one time"

"Mr. Pfeiffer told the courtroom that Mr. Pellicano was extremely effective against Ms. Finn. He said that Mr. Pellicano confirmed that Ms. Finn was working as a prostitute at the time she was dating Mr.Pfeiffer. Mr. Pfeiffer also testified that after the lawsuits against Ms. Finn, campaign of harassment and the wiretapping of her phones, Ms. Finn ultimately agreed to recant her testimony. He said that because of Mr. Pellicano, he was able to settle his lawsuit with his former employer and get on with his life. And, best of all, Mr. Pellicano also ended up playing yenta to these two crazy kids and got them back together for a while after Ms. Finn finally decided to be nice and stop saying that Mr. Pfeiffer used speed." "When Ms. Finn finally took the stand, she managed to deftly use a number of euphemisms in referring to her prior occupation, telling about being an “escort,” “a two day minimum,” “sort of being a travel agent,” and “occasionally providing sex” to “socially awkward geeks.”

"Wearing a conservative brown suit, Ms. Finn, an attractive blond and well-spoken woman with unusually high cheekbones, told the jury about how Mr. Pellicano and Mr. Pfeiffer harassed her, wiretapped her and ultimately, drove her into bankruptcy. She said that she started her escort service back in 1999 with a website, “educatedescort com.” She said the site appealed to socially awkward geeks and that her services included a two day minimum and sometimes involved sex."

"Mr. Hummel’s cross examination of Ms. Finn was a classic. Just as he hit the podium, Mr. Hummel asked loudly, “Ms. Finn, could you please tell us the dates when you started being a prostitute and the date when you ended being a prostitute.” She answered referring to her website start-up date and then said “it’s been decades.” Mr. Hummel didn’t let it rest. “Not quite decades,” he countered. Finally, he questioned her veracity, noting that she’d eventually recounted her testimony against Mr. Pfeiffer and “lied under oath.” He then finished her off by noting that when she lied for Mr. Pfeiffer, she was under the same sort of oath that she’s taken before testifying today. And with that, he stomped back to his seat, barely able to contain his eye roll."

Name: Anne Marie, the Educated Escort

"Anne Marie (not her real name either), a late-20s 5'9" blonde with cover-girl cheekbones, had never worked as a hooker pre-Internet. She has only recently taken up the escort game."

"Anne Marie pays $100 a month to list with another large Los Angeles-based site called Cityvibe. And she pays a Webmaster about $1,000 a year to maintain a web page of her own. She also has the San Francisco market on an Australian-based Web site called, which gets almost all its traffic from Yahoo's Adult Services listing. From all this, she figures she gets about 700 cybervisitors a day. She started out charging $4,500 a day, with a two-day minimum, but the response was so good that she has since given herself a raise to $5,800 a day, still with a two-day minimum. When I met her, she was wearing an expensive-looking man-tailored gray suit and occasionally consulted her brand new Sony Vaio."

"Like Veronica, Anne Marie markets herself as providing a complete high-end experience. She's like Woody Allen's "Whore of Mensa"—except that she also puts out. She calls her Web site "" The pictures of her there are pretty but fully clothed. Her text is well-written and laced with humor. Her FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") page includes: "What are your services for the $5,800 per day? I sit and read Thoreau and eat plums and fresh cherries in the hotel."

"Miss Virtue, who has been granted immunity from prosecution, described listening to calls made by Erin Finn, a former model, escort and the ex-girlfriend of Robert Pfeifer, a former rock musician and Disney record executive who hired Mr Pellicano to investigate Miss Finn.
Asked why she continued to listen to Miss Finn's calls after establishing she had worked as an escort, Miss Virtue replied, "because we had to get additional information. Anything to discredit her."

Erin Elizabeth Finn OR Erin Elizabeth Finn Mercola?

I found her Pinterest page where she was proudly showing off some modeling photos. 
I posted the following public Pinterest profile to my FB profile and she removed 5 photos from public view within an hour of my post. 

33 public pins tagged "modeling daze" at 9:15 PM on 7/11/2017

I posted her public Pinterest page to my FB profile at 9:19 PM on 7/11/2017. By 10:47 PM the same evening she had made 5 of her photos from that "modeling daze" page private.

My view of 28 public pins tagged "modeling daze" at 10:47 PM on 7/11/2017

My view of 33 pins tagged "modeling daze" at 9:07 PM on 7/11/2017 before she removed 5 pictures from view. #geek #linux 

My view of 33 pins tagged "modeling daze" at 9:07 PM on 7/11/2017 before she removed 5 pictures from view #geek #linux 

My view of 33 pins tagged "modeling daze" at 9:07 PM on 7/11/2017 before she removed 5 pictures from view. #geek #linux #true #blood

Why would she remove 5 pictures from public view immediately after my post, after having so proudly displayed them publicly? Why did she only hide the photos that match the ones displayed in the article revealing her concealed last name

After a parent linked this article about her concealed last name to Erin Elizabeth's Facebook page, she deleted it within minutes. Their exchange was taken to email where she claims the article is "fake" and "libel". She tries to discourage this parent from pressing her further to set the record straight by resorting to intimidation. She claims she is being harassed and that she is going to report this parent to authorities. She also claims she is making a report to CPS. 

I find her threatening a parent with CPS report when there is no indication of child abuse or neglect to be particularly disturbing, especially when I recall something odd I observed months ago when Erin was on my FB friends list.

I saw Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News in a vegan antinatalist group on Facebook.
I was joining vegan groups to let vegans know that vaccines are never vegan. Facebook suggested groups to me. One of the suggested groups was a vegan antinatalist group of which Erin was already a member. I did not get a screenshot of what I saw because at the time I had no reason to be suspicious of Erin Elizabeth and the significance of what I had observed did not click in my mind until later.

Antinatalist humor: FB group titled "Throw the baby out with the bathwater."
Antinatalist philsophy says the birth rate should be zero and that people should not be created.
Antinatalists: Anything maternal is beneath them.


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